Is it Becoming to Hard to Use Velocity Points or Is It Just Me?

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Chris C.

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HAve come to the conclusion that Kris Flyer points are much harder to use now that Perth is in the South West Pacific area. ANyone else cross about this?

Perth has long been in the SWP area when using KrisFlyer miles to book Star Alliance flights. For Singapore Airlines and SilkAir flights, both Perth and Darwin continue to be in a different 'zone' than the rest of Australia. Neither of these arrangements has changed.

(You posted the same on our SQ 'changes' article in November, which we also replied to.)


Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

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Unsold seats in all classes usually start to be released as reward seats 5 days before the flight. Increasing in amount released as the flight nears take off. This applies to all flights on virgin metal. I look out for reward seats and either upgrade or book last minute with points. I have been doing this for years and its always worked out. A couple times I had to move my planned travel date by a day.


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For flights to the USA, call Velocity and ask about booking Hawaiian Airlines to Honolulu from Sydney or Brisbane (which you can book with points in business class or economy). From there you can connect to a variety of mainland destinations with Hawaiian, including the biggies of LA and New York, although Hawaiian Airlines is in the higher of the two Velocity redemption tables so you'll need a few extra points than flying with VA or VA+Delta.

These rewards don't show via the Velocity website, but booking over the phone is relatively straightforward, and could be a good way of getting to where you're headed in the USA by still using your points. :)

I'll give this a try. Thanks!


Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

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Interesting topic. I couldn't risk not getting the upgrade and paying the freedom fare. I ended up transferring my points to Krisflyer and booked 2 x business class tickets outright all with points. Sure it was more expensive to use the points and book outright but it was MUCH cheaper to book with SIA than VA and I get a better business class (IMO).


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I don't know if it is becoming harder, but it is difficult. I have the interesting experience of having called up a couple of times either side of a tier downgrade. I phoned up last week when Gold, for travel at the max advance booking. The person went out of their way to 'find' availability that wasn't generally available online . This week when 'only' Silver, I got a very different type of response. I was basically told, no availability, they can't do anything that isn't online, and my travel plans are not their problem, but they tried to 'upsell' me to purchase with points, rather than reward seats. When I asked why their colleague last week could find availability that wasn't showing online, they said I was mistaken and that wasn't possible. The only thing that has changed is my tier status (and I tried a couple of times to make sure it wasn't just one operator's view). Not really worth the points if you can't use them, and if platinum and gold get first access to seats, then not worth trying for lower tiers (no issue with that, but it should be disclosed, as it devalues the points for anyone not of that tier).


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On my last 12 trips BNE - LAX I’ve upgraded to J every single time on the outbound, And about twice on the return leg. Ive found it very hard getting it on the return.

A few times a year, Virgin have super specials on Premium tickets. So I try and get these, which is usually between $1900-2400 depending on dates etc. That’s about what you pay for full fare economy usually. It’s a good deal.

Then I wait list, but also watch the reward availability like a hawk. 12 times in a row I’ve snared an upgrade in the days leading up to the flight. Worst case, I go premium. Which is pretty good anyways.

Just confirmed an upgrade this morning for myself, wife and son for our trip on Wednesday.

Easy peasy :-)

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