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I’ve attached a screen shot of the advertised benefit.

Where did you see this? I'm a Platinum member with Accor and have not been offered a free breakfast to date. I've been trying to find this page or any other reference of the free breakfast on any of the Accor pages. I found a similar page but it does not have the last line with the free brekkie as per your screenshot. Would be useful to get the actual link to enquire with hotels about this.


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Trolling though the Accor Plus site today I discovered a new perk that has appeared for 2018. Under the summary of benefits for Accor Plus members it states that platinum members get 'Free breakfast in hotels with no executive lounge access (Asia Pacific) ' . Has anyone who holds platinum and Accor Plus received this? I certainly haven't been offered..

This is not new. I've been an Accor Platinum for a number of years and the access to Executive lounges and the free breakfasts where there is no lounge have been there for as long as I can remember.


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I finally received an email from Accor last night confirming this new benefit.

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