QF Status Credits with Credit Cards

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Good evening all,

Do any QFF credit cards still offer status credits. I recall ANZ doing a deal last year with 75 credits when you booked a QF using the card.


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I don't think so at this time. However QF could decide to allow this to happen again at any time. I'm sure AusBT will mention it if it does happen.



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I think the 75 status credits was a once only for avnew card (75000 points as well) . I benefitted from it.

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No cards currently offer this with Qantas.


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Much appreciated all!


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ANZ Black has run the bonus status credit promotion on at least a couple of occasions over the past couple of years.

I have no idea what factors determine when they offer it and when they stop offering it.

I benefited from it recently - signed up around Nov, had to book and fly before end of Feb.

The good thing about the 75 status credit bonus, is that it is administered by Qantas - who pay our their rewards much more quickly than ANZ do. So I received my status bonus a day or two after flying - didn't have to chase it up or anything.

Whereas the 75,000 bonus frequent flyer points that ANZ offer can take months to get credited.

Anyway I think it's a good offer, and it's going to help me bump up tiers this year. Hopefully they repeat it at some stage soon so others can benefit.

The ANZ black card in itself is just 'OK' in my opinion, but only because the first years membership is free. After the first year, the membership fee is not especially competitive with other offerings if they are no longer offering the bonus status credits. And the customer service is pretty bad.

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