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Looks like I'll be 7 Airports Status Points to make it to Gold. Has anybody got any experience getting Air NZ to waive this (I haven't been gold before, presently silver for the last year and nil before that)?

I will have a return flight a few days after the cut off that if flown a couple days earlier would easily get me there (worth about 300 SP), but probably can't be shifted. The best idea I can come up with is doing a quick domestic flights with AC or UA while I'm over there, although even some of the semi-flexible fares don't seem to earn anything with NZ.

Any ideas?


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I would call them up, provide the RELOC and explain the situation. I find that AirNZ have been really good to me. When VA pulled their Velocity earnings on Pacific flights they saw my spend and provided temporary Gold for a year to compensate.


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Spend $1,575 on Westpac Airpoints World MasterCard or $1,750 on Amex Airpoints Platinum card is the answer to the question of how to earn 7 Status Points. (NZ residents only)

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