OneWorld inter-airline baggage tagging to destination

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Thanks. I'm going to take a printout of the link RR posted above - At least the Qantas staff in Brisbane will have to follow their own rules and exemptions listed on the website. Sounds like the Finnair staff in Helsinki may not be so obliging on the way back, but I'll just do what you said with the transfer desk in Singapore.


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is this a one world limitations? I travelled on 2 different tickets last month with a layover in hk. one with royal brunei and another on eva air to taipei. there is no alliance between the 2 airlines.

No problem checking my luggage through to the final destination both ways.

I always thought only budget airlines won't do this.

Any airline can through check, provided they have an interline agreement between the two carriers.
If they have an interline agreement and the connecting flights are booked as a connection on one PNR, they will transfer the bags. Alliances don't come into it.

If they have an agreement and the flights are *not* issued on the same PNR, then it is up to the airline you check in with. They can, but they don't have to.

The issue here, is that the oneworld alliance had a minimum standard policy which required member airlines to through check across PNRs. This policy was changed in mid 2016, which allowed each airline to do whatever they wanted. Some members, such as JL and MH, kept the old policy. Others, such as BA, doubled down on the new minimum and went no through check on separate PNRs for everyone, no exceptions.
QF and AA have no through check across PNRs, except when one is a reward (and thus not possible to book in one PNR).
I don't think it was confirmed what the current AY policy is.


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As said before QF to AY should through check. But on the way back it will be unlikely.

I travelled earlier this year HEL-HKG-SYD (award booking with AY, paid ticket on QF, different PNRs) and I tried two gate agents in HEL and all refused to check through.


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Just the this afternoon I have called the premium QF service centre and have verbally been told that you can check all the way through when a mix of QF and OW seperate tickets due to some being paid and some classic rewards. I then called back to find out where this was in writing and the second agent informed me that they will not check bags through regardless of reward tickets being in the mix. There is nothing in writing so my guess is that it will depend on who checks you in on the day which really does not help when booking flights. If Qantas will check through in this instance why don't they have it in writing.


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Just an update on this. The QANTAS gate agent in Brisbane initially said no to checking through my luggage to HEL, but relented when I showed her the mixed reward/retail PNR exception on the QANTAS website (see the link someone posted earlier in the thread). Also printed out my Finnair boarding pass for me too.

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