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I arrive in Zurich from Athens and have a layover of 1hr20m before departing to Singapore. Is this enough time to transfer in ZRH and have my bags through-checked? Note I am on an Aegean ticket from ATH-ZRH, and a Singapore Airlines ticket from ZRH-PER.


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I would say it might be a bit tight...ZRH is quite an efficient airport, but you haven’t time to spare if anything goes pear shaped. Bear in mind most Schengen flights dock at the A terminal. SQ leave from the E terminal…in between you will need to go thru passport control to exit Schengen area, and catch the underground terminal train from A to E. These are usually quite efficient processes. If you are unlucky on arrival you could get what the airport staff call the ‘fitness gate’ (85/86) at the far end of A…it’s quite a long schlepp to the centre! Also not unknown to be put on a short holding pattern approaching Zurich - I had two arrivals last month and both went round in circles, but for about 15 minutes (Lufthansa and Finnair).



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One hour 20 is very tight and if you have to collect bags and re-check just adds more time. Note boarding wil be 40 mins before, so you will have 40mins to do all that schlepping, bag waiting, check in queuing et al.

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