Change of Airline on NH-issued ticket for flight on TG

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Hi all,

Long story short, I booked an award ticket on TG using my NH points. One of the flight segment has been changed from Thai Airways to Thai Smiles, and the problem is Thai Smiles is not star alliance. So I contacted TG and they said I need to contact NH to 'update' my eTicket; but when I called NH, their service representative spoke a very broken English which I hardly understand but I think they said I cannot be booked on Thai Smile flight. Interestingly, when I check my reservation on TG website, it lists Thai Smile segment as 'confirmed', and the previous cancel flight segment as 'canceled'. I could also select my seat number on that Thai Smile segment as well. So should I leave it as it is or what action should I take?

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This is very interesting. A bit if difficult situation for you though.

The reservation that you see on Thai Smile simply means you have a reservation but not necessarily mean you have a ticket. TG has reserved it for you because they were the one that messed it up. So they need the ticket issuing airline to update the ticket to reflect the changes.

Unfortunately, as you said, Thai Smiles is not star alliance and I'm not sure if NH has authority to issue that ticket.

I wouldn't sit and do nothing. Without a valid ticket you may not be allowed the board the flight.

As NH is the issuing airline they have the responsibility to get you to your destination. You may need to ask them to talk to their Star Alliance liaison to talk to TG to sort things out. TG may have to issue the the Thai Smiles ticket cuz they are the one that messed it up.

But if that is not possible and no other alternatives, NH may choose to refund your points as they are unable to fulfill the contract.

Someone else with more knowledge might be able to come up with a better idea.

Good luck!

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