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Hi, Does anyone know if you can take a guest into with the int J or F lounge who is flying on staff travel? I have searched everywhere and can not find anything. I know they can not access as a member or there is nothing in the T&Cs with Qantas to say they can't enter as a guest. Thank you in advance


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I appreciate it’s an odd situation as staff are not able to gain lounge access when they are flying on the staff travel; but surely the staff member in question should know, or be able too find out the company policy on that?


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I recently took a return flight back to the US.A former work colleague who was travelling on Qantas business and works directly for Qantas was on the same flight and I guessed him into the Sydney first lounge,no issues just showed my P1 card/first boarding pass and he his business class pass.

No problems.i add he also has a lifetime gold pass attained by business travel before joining the lounge prior to the flight he told me he had been denied access to the Qantas Syd Int business lounge.Each time his pnr and boarding pass cleared showed his QF staff travel category.


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Yes, they are able to join you. In fact, this is about the only time staff travellers are permitted in the lounge.

The rule permitting it is in the staff travel program conditions document which your friend will have access to. It may be worthwhile if your friend has it accessible when you go to the lounge as my experience has been that not all lounge staff are aware of the rule since it is rarely used.

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