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With the increase in annual fee comes some additional benefits plus a new metal card.For existing card holders the metal card will be replaced when your card expires, howver if you want the metal card earlier than this you can login to the online account and request a replacement metal card. Note if you do this you will be issued with a new card number.


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Ordered mine last week. Will be interesting to see how the form factor stacks up!


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I messaged AMEX live chat, was told for Business Platinum cards, we'll need to wait until August 13th to request the metal cards.

Personal metal cards are already being issued out


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Just got my Metal card today - looks pretty fancy! Older metal cards a few years ago didn't have the paypass option, so it's fantastic this one does.

I worry about it scratching going in and out of my wallet though - so that remains to be seen. Biggest shame is they couldn't keep the same number - had to get a new one!


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I wasn't aware the annual fee was going up until I read it here. The addition of an AFR subscription and very low membership of Accor doesn't set my world on fire. I guess I'll wait and see when AMEX send me the renewal notice!


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Received mine today but I didn't ask for it and my biz card does not expire till '21. Who knows why?

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