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Malaysia Airlines Airbus A350 flying to Sydney

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Malaysia Airlines are flying their new A350 to and from Sydney for a few weeks in September/October on MH123 and 122
This plane has a small first class cabin with 1 row of 4 seats that are sold as business class on these flights
Provides an opportunity to experience the 1st class seating for a business class fare


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I was going to be on the A330 and they changed my plane to a A380. Is that an older plane? I have a business class ticket, but was wondering what the procedure is to see if i can upgrade to first.


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Their A380 business class is 2-2-2 fully flat without direct aisle access, similar to what Qantas have. However, I felt it was quite spacious (but maybe that was because there were hardly anyone else in Buisness).

When I flew they seemed to opt to keep the entire F cabin empty rather than letting pax with high status select them (which is what QF/CX etc do, and what MH does on their A350 but not the A380 ex SYD for some reason)

I did ask at check in but was told no at check in. Overall it was fine in Business on the A380, especially if you can get a pair of seats to yourself. The large storage bins on window seats is very handy.


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Personally I find the Business seating on their A380 quite uncomfortable and, for me, impossible to get a decent sleep


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Happy dance, I have the A350 for my leg KUL-SYD, while my husband has the later flight on the A330


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I would say Go for it if you can get the F seats. But I was very unhappy with MH J class on A350 last month - their new product is so cramped. Only good if you get a single/throne seat, but all starboard paired seats are very difficult to get into and out of (at any time, not just when trying to climb over someone to go to the lav in a dark cabin). Centre seats do have isles access but still very cramped.
In addition I had terrible service and delays on my flights early June and MH have not even responded to my complaint, so I'm taking it up with the Malaysian Aviation Commission. I will avoid MH in future.

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