USA hotel Mandatory fees/Resort fees.

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Can someone tell me where Mandatory fees/Resort fees (which cities) are payable, on booking sites like these fees seem outrageous, more like a 'Rort' Fee. I'd like to know when these started and how these fee's are qualified. Looks like next holiday might be Europe again...


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I think this is only charged in Las Vegas (or all of Nevada) and is industry standard for all hotels in that area, Its not a scam its just part of the overall price that we all pay for, just like taxes or airline surcharges.

I would suggest google will give you some information about where it started and why. The first hit on a search finds this helpful website:

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I believe that hotels in New York City amongst other destinations are also beginning to charge these fees. Onemileatatime has some articles about it from February this year. These extra charges can also have other fun names such as ‘destination’ fee’s, so look out for them too.

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Unfortunately I suspect there will be little escape from these going forward. With so many booking via the Booking sites (such as hotels combined / trivago, etc.), hotel companies are now seeking to try and minimise the commission payments made to these sites. As the commission is only payable on the actual room rate booked and not on any additional 'extras' charged at the Hotel, it allows them to show a lower price when you book, only for them to whack you with a 'Destination Fee' or 'Resort Charge', when you check in. Also note that these are entirely separate from the mandatory taxation that you may have to pay in certain cities in the world. Ultimately it is somewhat underhand and at some stage it would be nice to imagine that there would be an obligation to disclose all costs of a booking, but don't hold your breath. It would help if the hotel groups would actually give you a lowest price guarantee if you book through their website directly, but, again, they don't.


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Charged in pretty much all of Las Vegas and Hawaii. Also now becoming a thing in New York and Miami. I had a hotel pre booked and pre paid for in New York 6 months in advance. I received an email stating the hotel was now charging resort fees which I would have to pay for at check in. I wanted to cancel the booking due to it now costing an extra $400 AUD but they would not refund my money due to it being a non-refundable rate.


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If you guy's don't pay and don't stay.get use to it Australia will be next.

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I believe they started in Miami and I watched as they became common in Vegas, their would be a number of reasons, one was the advent of wifi which everyone was charging for at around 10-15 dollars above the room rate this turned into a package of ammenities which you already had for free such as gym and pool and they could charge a bit more for the wifi whether you used it or not, it also allowed them to advertise room rates lower than they actually where for all types of reasons. Casear's famously ran a promotion stating they would never charge resort fees for awhile before they caved in as well. Off strip they are cheaper but they still charge them, the only real thing you get is wifi. Of course any type of status with the casinos see you exempt from them along with numerous marketed cc in the USA. The latest freebie in Vegas to go is free parking which is now charged for by a majority of strip casinos but once again status exempts you.

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San Francisco now also charging such fees.

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