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How do people feel about Virgin's 4Points/$ earning on flights vs Qantas' set point earnings??

Poll: Should Qantas implement something like this?


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I dislike any frequent flyer program that prioritizes money spent over miles earned or flights flown. Whether for business or pleasure, in economy or first class, I'm always trying to find the cheapest possible fare. I left Lufthansa's program for Turkish when they switched to an "amount spent" model.


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If such a system was to apply to Qantas, it would make it really hard to accrue enough miles. I frequently fly discount economy as my company permits, and i would earn very little miles compare to now. In some cases, traveling in discount business would earn less than a flex economy ticket. The only reason I still use velocity is because of their wide transfer partner of points, without those you really can’t earn very much.

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FYI, the base earning rate with Velocity on flights where 'dollars' are used is 5 miles per $1 spent, not 4.

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