QF Points Upgrade Y to J from LAX/SFO -SYD

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What is your experience with points upgrade from Y to J on QF72 (SFO-SYD), or QF12 (LAX-SYD) - as a QFF Plat/Gold?

On expertflyer I always see only 1 J seat blocked on QF72 and 2 J seats on QF12 - which I assume are blocked for points upgrades (no classic flight rewards available).

Does QF fill empty J seats on these routes with points upgrade requests, or is this not typical practice? Do you have any insights on what day of the week the loads in J are lighter (e.g. flying out Fr/Sat night?) - or any tips on perhaps connecting via BNE/MEL?

I am QFF Plat

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The general advice would be to travel midweek for the best chance of upgrades.



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Have you got the flight number correct as QF72 is SIN-PER is it not?


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J9 I am plat 1 you can do all most all year round do mid week on a flight where j discounds fares are open.

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