Why doesn't Qantas fly to Kuala Lumpur

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Appreciate that for some KL may be a great destination, but I would confidently predict that very few commentators here have the first idea of the true economics of operating such a route for Qantas. Or indeed any other airline. I accept its fun to be the armchair CEO. But if there was a whole bunch of money to be made flying this route (I note the original poster does not mention from where this demand originates - SYD? MEL? BNE?) then Qantas would have leapt to meet the market demand. I think it’s safe to assume that the first and foremost thought in the mind of AJ and his direct reports is to make money. And they are privy to better info than most (but I accept, possibly not all) commentators here to assess that.



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Well, they have Jetstar Asia based in Singapore. It’s not direct but it’s a connected service.

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