Confusion over getting around Manila Airport

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Hi, I'm looking at transiting at Manila, and I'm very confused over the pre-departure tax. There's a lot of conflicting information on the internet, so I'm hoping someone with experience could help answer.

- My incoming flights would land at T1 and my next flight would be QF20 (MNL to SYD in business class) from T3.
- Is 2.5 hours enough time to make the transfer, taking into account immigration and traffic jams? Luggage should be through-checked.
- How does the PHP 550 departure tax work? Can I pay it by card or do I need to get a hold of some local currency?
- Any other tips and tricks so I can try get some time in the lounge before departure?

If it sounds too hard, then I might have to abandon the idea because the two flights are on separate tickets, but luggage should be through-checked due to interlining agreements.



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You'll see an article in this very site indicating that QF moves to T3 at the end of October. Search "Qantas moves to Manila Airport Terminal 3..."

The PHP departure tax should be on your ticket and I've not stopped to pay this additionally for several years. Don't rely on the interline agreements as agents still can refuse to do so since there are separate tickets, despite alliance assurances and so on. So if they agree, then it's a bonus.

If your departure date is before the end of October, then 2.5 hours can be tight for immigration queuing at that end of the day and T1 is certainly not worth lounging in. The Qantas aircraft will be a sight for sore eye, once on board.


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No need to pay the terminal fee as it is included in your ticket. You usually need to pick up your luggage on arrival in Manila and recheck it in on your onward airline. There is a shuttle bus from terminal 3 to terminal 1 but I would allocate at least 3 hours to transfer terminals...unfortunately they are not connected so you need to exit terminal 3 to get to terminal 1. The PAGSS lounge in terminal 1 is very small and not really worth spending your time in but there is a sakura lounge (Japan airlines) if open as an alternative which is a tad better. If flying by end of October, you will just have to pick up your luggage and recheck-in so two hours is sufficient. You can then cool your heels in the CX lounge.

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