Why all the fuss about 'packing cubes'?

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18 months ago I started using cubes and they're great, won't go back. I'm often travelling 2 months at a time and like the organising they provide. The pack from amazon as mentioned is a good deal. We did it as a gift to media at the Rolex Shanghai Masters tennis event where I'm media director and they were well received.


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I've tried them for 3 trips now & I find it more frustrating having to pull them out & unzip them to find what I'm looking for. I don't mind having just one for undies & socks as I used to roll them & tuck them in corners so this way it's quicker & easier. I also don't understand the dirty laundry thing ... whether my clothes have been worn or not they all go into the washing basket


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I doubted the value of these until I travelled to the uk with my family and I saw how valuable they are for keeping things in order... I had been using plastic bags for different types of clothes to keep it ordered; but I could never remember what I had in the bags (without opening them) and whether I used them for shoes or clothes. I started using them and now its very easy as highlighted by others. You can see what's in them; you can lift them out and put into drawers. For example I use the thin narrow ones to put in all the tech things I need to take away on biz trips (e.g. chargers, power boards; electric power plug converters etc )... I find them really useful and only buy them when they are on sale...



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Coles, or Woolworths just fine but no longer available. I have kept a few in case of need.


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My regular business trips is 9 hotels over 27 days, lots of China cities, averaging 2-4 days each. All done with a carry on. Perfected this system years ago, tightly packing shirts into a coles/woolies bag, shorts in another, small in another etc etc, and electronics in a QF toiletries thingy, pens/stationery in another toiletries, and toiletries in one toiletries bag too. I can literally empty and have all my stuff in hotel drawers/wardrobe/bathroom/desk in about 60 seconds. Packing cells are super efficient and effective... and the supermarket bag variety, and/or hotel laundry bags are nil cost, and don’t add the weight/volume that the shop-bought ones do. They are also less rigid and contort to space spots inside your bag. Dispose of them at end of trip. Give this a try.

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