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I can't seem to find any information on this - do KrisFlyer Gold members, who "have access to the Virgin Australia Lounge before a Virgin Australia Flight," also have access to "The House" in Sydney and Melbourne before boarding HKG/LAX/AKL etc?


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My understanding is that while The House is moving the Etihad lounges marginally closer to the Virgin brand, they aren't going to be classed as Virgin-owned lounges. Virgin Australia doesn't provide contract lounge access to partner elites--I suspect you'd be out of luck.


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Virgin has not done a good job in communicating The House access rules but my understanding from the articles here is that your Krisflyer Gold status doesn't cover access to The House. The Virgin rules you quote are related to Virgin's domestic lounges, and The House is not a Virgin lounge as such because it's still a contract lounge run by a third-party company. Sorry!!


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Will be interesting to see if access to Partner Elites is afforded to the new Wellington Pop up lounge that they're opening next year.


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Amex lounge it is.


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Yeah I got stuffed around by virgin not having a lounge at international, I organised to meet someone in the lounge, but I couldn’t take a guest, even though they were flying virgin, (I ended up on a delta flight despite booking through the virgin website). This is because skyteam won’t allow you to bring a guest unless they are flying a skyteam airline (which virgin is not) and the The House wouldn’t let me in because I was on delta metal.

Very upsetting, disappointing and embarrassing that I couldn’t bring a guest into any lounge. 😡


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I travelled yesterday SYD-SIN on VA issued business class ticket, operated by SQ. I tried to access the House and was promptly denied and directed to the SQ lounge (which is very nice in any case). Even my Etihad Platinum status was not enough for the House! btw, my VA issued ticket was $1500 cheaper than the same flights on an SQ issued ticket - go figure!

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