Last Qantas 747 with F seats being phased out

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Grand finale for OEB then, a glamorous charter trip from Sydney to Avalon. Wow, so not exciting....
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I would love to reserve a seat on that last 747 flight, truly a milestone I would not want to miss.

If anyone does see any announcements, would you kindly let me know as well?? Either here or on my email:
[email protected] to fall of 1969 at JFK, when as a child I stood at the old Worldport roof to watch the first Pan Am 747 take off for LHR.....this would be a nice full circle!


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Yes sitting at the front of the B747 is always special. Luckily if you really desire a blast from the past CI 747s will be around for another 5-6yrs for regional flights in asia and sold as business class. BA 747s won't be going that quickly so we have quite a few years yet.


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Looks like QF are doing an Avalon Airshow special with VH OEB on March 2nd (unsure if this is the final flight), return flight to SYD will cost $747!

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FYI, the Avalon charter flight has now sold out.

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