Gift ideas for international colleagues

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I have family in SE Asia (Malaysia and Singapore). Whenever we bring gifts over to them we bring food (rather than trinkets/souvenirs). They especially like our Macadamia nuts (difficult & expensive to get there) plus they can share them around the office/family. Chinese also like seafood, especially Australian abalone.


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If the client has kids, give soft toys, kangaroos, koalas, my wife does that, always very much appreciated, and not expensive, about $10 at the airport or even cheaper at the Reject or $2 shops.


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Not sure if it has be Australiana related but i always like giving personalised monogrammed luggage tags or passport wallets with people initials. I think its quite nice giving something design for them specifically and would be relatively easy on the baggage limit.

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My usual gifts are Tim Tams, Hand crafted Boomerangs, Koala stuffed toys, Kangaroo stuffed toys. Boomerang was the most appreciated one followed by Tim Tams.

I have given Tim Tams to Americans, and those new malt flavoured versions are to die for, but I do find those in Asia are not used to the high sugar load.

Not true in Philippines. Many know about them and love them! (Not one of my favourite biscuits, but I'm buying for them not me).


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here's a thought - maybe some small electronic items - thumb drives, storage disc, mouse, earphones,
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Having been to many conferences over the years, I have been given so many thumb drives, electronic gizmos and the like, and they all end up in the bin.

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