Business class: Qantas Airbus A80 vs United Boeing 787-9

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Skybed II on A380 is rubbish. I haven’t had one that doesn’t need Viagra to prevent sagging and/or doesn’t malfunction. So uncomfortable. Lousy IFE technology. Food not bad, service very unpredictable. A380 always better to fly than any other equipment except A350 and 747-800. UA seat is much better even in this version of the business product. Food, amenities, and IFE excellent but delivered by FAs who often don’t do their jobs and when they do, it’s shoddy. You have to charm them to get them to work properly. Business cabin on 787 feels tight and looks appalling by the time you deplane. 787 in general: total meh. VA is the business class standout on this route right now, though I’d take the QF 787 over the aging VA 777. Choices, choices.


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I had the option of UA 787 or Qantas A380 LAX to SYD last month. From the dedicated lounge at LAX to the aircraft seating, to the service and food generally, I'll take UA again anytime. Very impressed.


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'Trigger happy' nanny cabin crew waiting to kick you off the plane at the slightest hint of their dissatisfaction about something...let alone their recent display's deplaning pax at will. I won't even start about the clinical J cabin. No thanks!

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