QF A380 Refurb

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Per the review on this site it's now a 16" Full HD screen, up from 12" HD.


Don't think any changes to the business lavs, amenity kits or menus

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Hi Moa

I'm more interested to learn about 'first' lavs etc. I know the J offering is at least standard best practice albeit outdone by Qatar J. I'm happy J gets back all its lavs too! Anyone have any pics or reports about refurb 'first' dining menu, amenity kits, lavs etc?


The above has more details on the refurb Qantas A380 First Class.


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I flew QF36 J last Friday and it was the refurbished cabin. Crew said it was lucky as usually it just turns around and heads back to London but it must have been rerouting to US out of Mel.

This was my first J experience and it was great. Seat was super comfortable, food was great and the new cabin upstairs is much better. Lavs/amenities seem to be the same. Wine list was decent without being amazing.

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Does anyone know when the final Qantas A380 be refurbished? Which rego?



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I suspect it will be December next year as they said all be done by then and it's a tight schedule. I doubt they will know for sure the rego number this far out.

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