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I am retired and travel for liesure only. Been with Accor for about 15 years and currently a platinum member.

Like many other posts, I sometimes wonder about the relevance of status at some of their properties. However the status does come to the fore in a big way on occassions. I am currently in Bali with my wife, staying at the Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel (managed by Accor).

Went had visited a money changer to convert some $Au a couple of days ago. It's quite easy to change money in Bali, either at the airport on the way in, one of the banks, or one of the hundreds of small hole in the wall money changers on every main street or back alley. We had been forewarned that the small money changers could be shifty, but they offer the better rates. As my wife worked for many years as a casino cashier, we didn't think we could be dudded if we kept a good eye on proceedings, but this particular money changer was too good for us and took us for a couple of hundred $Au. As we had counted the money 3 times before accepting it, but somehow he still dudded us and we weren't aware of the discrepency till we got back at the hotel. This was about 10pm.

I sought the advice of the of the staff at reception and she immediately notified the manager who arrived at the desk within a few minutes. When I explained the situation, he advised that he would accompany us back to the money changer to attempt to resolve the matter. He called a security employee to come along as well. Fortunately, the money changer stall was only a few hundred metres fron the hotel, but at the same time it was pouring with rain, so we traipsed back there under a couple of umbrellas.

When arriving, the money changer stall had closed down for the night, but a nieghbouring stall worker knew the phone number of his boss and called him. He arrived about 15 minutes later and after a few minutes discussion with myself and the hotel manager, he readily handed over the missing money.

We are naturally very grateful to the manager for his efforts on our behalf, particularly due to the late hour and weather conditions. I feel sure we had no chance of a successful outcome without his intervention. Pretty sure the platinum status played a part in this case.

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