Aircraft change - what are my rights?

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Has anyone experienced an aircraft change on the day of flying to be left disappointed? What are your options?

My pregnant wife and I were flying to Cairns from Sydney for our “babymoon” and specifically booked business class using points on the a330 (nicer new suite). I found it unusual that the redemption points required was unusually high (44k points per person!) for domestic but I thought it would be nice as she is pregnant and wanted her legs up. On the way to the airport we now are placed on a 737-800 which I know are ordinary business class seats. Do we have a chance of getting anything back, especially after using 80k+ points for 2 on a 3 hour domestic flight.

Poll: Should we write and complain


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A quick search shows it's 41500 points on both types of aircraft.

It's a daytime flight so I'm not sure this meets the criteria for a whinge ;-)


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It sucks but it's plainly a condition of buying the ticket. Your contract with the airline is to fly you there in business class. That QF has different business products is immaterial; they have still honoured the terms of the contract.

I have found using Classic Rewards is always better spent on international sectors.


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When did QF start flying A330s to CNS?

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It's also a condition of your (one-way) contract with Qantas that they'll get you to your destination either as scheduled, or as soon as possible afterwards.

When you search for a flight and you're given a range of flights to select from, the following notice appears at the top of the screen: "We will do our best to get you where you want to be on time, but we don't guarantee flight times or schedules and they aren't part of our contract with you."


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Virgin & Qantas change A330 flights to B737s quite frequently and no they don't care how that makes you feel. Duopoly rules baby.


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Duopoly or not, airlines change aircraft types all the time for a number of reasons- passenger loads, maintenance ( scheduled or not) late incoming aircraft (to keep schedule)


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Thanks for everyone's input in this. The poll is quite clear to not to pursue this further. Good Bye to the 80k points I guess.

It was bittersweet seeing a A330 flying in this morning. Fingers are crossed for the return flight , again currently on a330 but who knows - duopoly rules.

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Originally Posted by elchriss0

When did QF start flying A330s to CNS?

Since 2018.


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Hi Krishaal,

Firstly, I would say it is very unlikely you'll get any points back if you complain, but nor would I say it's a zero percent chance. I'd suggest you take a few minutes to submit a complaint - if only to let QF know people do get upset over this issue and feel it would be fair to be flown on the aircraft they specifically chose. There is a LOT of talk on this subject on forums and we all know the airline doesn't have to give you anything, but they might choose to. After all, its also widely acknowledged how vast a difference the experience is across the two types of plane. So the more complaints they get, the (slightly) more likely they might be to cave in.

There's some important differences, but as a data point from my experience, Virgin refunded me 30K (of 35K) points that I used to book The Business but had the plane changed to the old style. And did so proactively, before I even had a chance to lodge a complaint :-)

Good luck!


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That happened to me on Virgin last year PER SYD , I rang and Virgin refunded me the points, no problem ?I always find V are very easy to assist we are on Gold Status

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The sting is even harder to stomach when you have paid cash for business class Rtn ticket to NZ from Perth via Sydney on QF. Just two nights ago we had selected the overnight red eye to connect with EK morning flight to ChCh. Upon receipt of the boarding pass noticed the type had changed to 737. Last minute tech prob out of Sydney meant replacement was the 737. Bye bye big bucks for what is an inferior business product (at most equivalent to PE), and a sleepless night in a sit up when we'd planned for some shut eye in a lay flat seat. Grrr. Only redeeming feature was it was a quick flight and staff were very good onboard. No acknowledgement or apology from check in staff.

Last time I pay for domestic business. Worth noting many flights trans continental are being downgraded to 737. Joyce has suggested the domestic Business class A330 product is Too good for domestic so expect in the future very few A330 services. Just got up suck it up unfortunately.

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I was booked in business class on a Virgin flight from Perth to Melbourne on an A330 late last year that was changed to a 737. I called and nicely asked if they were going to compensate me for the downgrade. A few minutes later they said they were giving me 15,000 extra frequent flyer points for the flight.

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If you feel you must, then write in.

I guess by now, the poll would been closed, as it was a few days ago you put it on here.

I know how it feels, it has happened to me.

Last 767 SYD - MEL with QF, wanted to try it on that route, went to gate as listed on the monitors on the day of departure, yep, a 737 was sitting there.

Went to one of those service desk at SYD T3 and explained, got put to a next flight which was a 767.

As for it you will get points back for "not as expected/paid for service", not sure if you will get the points back.

No harm in trying.


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Yes, complain by all means but don't expect any recompense.

I find it disgraceful that points upgrades to business PER MEL are the same for the A330 or 787 genuine business suites vs the very ordinary “business” seats on the ageing 737, which are not even up to the 787 premium eco in my opinion, but that is what it is.

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