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That's sad to hear.

VA's Business Class was so good but now is virtually non existent apart from the seat.

I do realise they have issues with catering until the creditors meeting but surely they could do a bit better than what they are offering or more correctly NOT offering Business Class.

As one ET member said a Business Class traveller would be better off in row 3 and save the money rather than waste it on this poor product.

A once very good Airline is slipping back into a very ordinary one real fast.

I certainly won't travel with VA Business Class until it's a lot better , that's if they ever do re start a good Business Class and there is some doubt about that.

Let's hope VA get their act together before it's too late and QF gain most of the Business Class Pax.


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The Creditors meeting is scheduled for August 19th. Even with approval, I reckon it'd take another 2-3 weeks to 'activate' the regular (pre-March) in-flight catering for Business Class, which they really need to do even if Row 3 and back remains a spartan, quasi-BYO option.

Virgin 2.0/Bain may well publicly be surrendering the large corporate accounts/Captains Club type traveller to Qantas (for now), but I remain of the view that if they also surrender a true 'Business Class' (aka, like that we were all using prior to March), they're doomed. I won't even risk it. Which is not to say True Business needs to be active from September, heck, they can restart it in January for all I care, but until then the price of the business seats will, for Gold and Platinum VFF, need to reduce to fully flexible regular fares.

For now, I remain a loyal VFF, but (like all other loyal VFFs) I'm not a stupid one, and a Virgin 2.0 will need to show they understand that. And quickly.

Rod H

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According to reports VA will be reinstating Business Class but at what level?

I really hope it's somewhere nearly as good as before although the downsizing of their fleet will obviously not make their product anywhere near as good as on the A330 or B777. Apart from the seats the B737 galley just can't hold all of the niceties the A330 or B777 can so no one could not expect the same level of service , maybe I'm wrong !!!

This would be a good time to update the Business Class seats as was considered by Borghetti some time ago and axed by Paul Scurrah.

That way they would stand a fair chance of competing with QF on the B7373 side of things as the have no chance against the wide bodied aircraft.

Nearly all of my J class flights are Brisbane- Perth and I doubt whether I would fly the B737 when I could have a QF A330 for the same price , that's assuming they are around the same although VA may make theirs lower and have a lesser service commensurate with the pricing.

I guess we will find out before too long!

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