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We booked a bundle of flights ( about 20 ) for March / April 2020 and they were all replaced with vouchers. Then we received just 3 new Future Flight credits, which will work fine. Trying to call Virgin does not work and online forms are not replied to. Has anyone dealt with this successfully ? Any idea why we received 3 and not the full compliment of Vouchers ?


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If you are still owed anything by VA or anyone else and cannot get a response I find the best thing is to begin a Small Claims case. It costs very little and almost always gets attention.


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Ideally would like to speak with a human and/or do an online chat . Not exactly giving us much service,


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I was able to call Virgin last week and chase down the credits for the granted four flights I had and get them issued. I was even surprised to see that they prompted for Velocity number again and I got through straight away calling on a Thursday afternoon.

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