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In the good old days when we were flying, I booked three flights during a Double Status Credits promotion by Qantas. When those flights were cancelled due to COVID, the bookings were credited for future use. The booking numbers are still the same, so will I receive double status points when I eventually get around to using up my flight credits?


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I presume your were referring to this double status offer from feb 2020

It made no mention of what happens with cancellation by airline rather than by pax (which will void the offer).

I would of course remind you that cancellation of flights last year, had pax the optional of refund or flight credit and if you called them up then to ask for a refund, they will entice you with double credit offer (or 10% bonus credit, some got 20% according to ET) and back then that would have been the way to generate double status for your travel at your beck and call until 2022


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I had several bookings made with the same promo. When rebooked on flights I received the double status credits if I flew within the validity period which was to 14 Feb 21.

One credit was used outside the validity period and did not earn the DSC.

So in short if your newly rebooked flights matched the condition of the offer than you should have received the DSC.

The DSC arrived about 3-5 days after the flight was flown.

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