Air India Sale

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No thoughts from David on Air India sale?

Poll: Forget the history but based on Vistara & Air Asia's performance, do you think Tata will succeed in the airline business?


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If I am not wrong, Tata owned Air India before it was nationalized. Just shows how businesses go bad when run by the public sector.


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Air India actually started life as Tata Air Services in October 1932. The founder was J R D Tata. It's first role was winning a contract from Imperial Airways (the forerunner of BOAC/ British Airways) to carry mail. It became a public company in 1946 rechristened as Air India.

The Indian Government subsequently purchased a 49% interest in 1948 and then in 1953, the Government of India passed the Air Corporations Act and purchased an additional tranche of shares to create a majority shareholding. This completed the nationalisation of Air India, although the original founder - J R D Tata - remained Chairman of Air India until 1977.

Air India went on to establish a domestic operation called Air India Express in 2004 and then the conglomerate was merged with the largest domestic operator (Indian Airlines) in 2007.

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Air India is the subcontinents Alitalia.

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