Delta business class guide: reviews, seats, lounges & more

Here's what you need to know about flying business class with Delta, including which flights feature privacy doors at each seat.

By Chris C., September 4 2021
Delta business class guide: reviews, seats, lounges & more

Airlines in North America haven't always had the best reputation for service, but Delta is standing out from the pack with its flagship business class product, Delta One.

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What is Delta business class?

Delta uses a variety of terms to describe the travel experience on board its flights.

Main Cabin is regular economy, Delta Comfort+ is economy with extra legroom, and Delta Premium Select is premium economy.

Then, "first class" describes the front of the plane on many Delta domestic flights (being simple reclining seats), while Delta One is the branding for the airline's flagship business class experience on both domestic and international flights.

As such, Delta One equals business class, and delivers a fully-flat bed on board, combined with upgraded service and airport lounge access.

Three reasons we love Delta business class

1. Relax in privacy on selected aircraft

Delta puts privacy front and centre on its newest and newly-refurbished aircraft, offering a sliding privacy door at your modern business class suite.

Welcome to your private Delta One business class suite.
Welcome to your private Delta One business class suite.

You'll typically find these on selected Boeing 777, Airbus A330-900neo and Airbus A350 flights, including Delta's Sydney-Los Angeles services.

2. Consistency in business class

When a flight is sold as Delta One, that's your clue that you're getting a fully-flat bed on board.

This includes both international and domestic flights, and key routes such as Los Angeles to New York. If you see "first class" when booking your ticket, you can expect a simple reclining seat – but if you see Delta One, expect a bed.

Even if your aircraft is changed – such as between a Boeing 757 and a Boeing 767 on US domestic flights – Delta One still means just that.

3. Delta One includes airport lounge access

Many journeys in the United States, including both domestic and international flights, don't include airport lounge access as standard: even when flying in business class or first class.

Fortunately, any flight booked as Delta One guarantees this perk.

Jetting from Los Angeles to New York, for instance, you'll have access to the same Delta Sky Club lounges as welcome passengers jetting further afield to the likes of Sydney.

Three tips before you fly business class on Delta

1. Different Delta One planes have different seats

Depending on when and where you're travelling, you may have a choice between several different flights – and when those flights are served by different aircraft types, it pays to know which has the best business class.

Where available, your first pick should be a flight operated by an Airbus A350-900, Airbus A330-900neo, or a refitted Boeing 777. These are the planes with Delta One Suites, offering those helpful privacy doors.

Close the door in Delta One Suites and you're in your own world.
Close the door in Delta One Suites and you're in your own world.

As these aircraft are most often seen on international flights, you're unlikely to encounter them regularly when travelling within the US, which renders Delta's Boeing 767s, Airbus A330s, and older-style Boeing 777s the next-best pick.

Enjoy direct aisle access from every seat on Boeing 767s in Delta One.
Enjoy direct aisle access from every seat on Boeing 767s in Delta One.

These twin-aisle planes pair a fully-flat bed in business class with direct aisle access from every seat: ideal when there's work to do or when sleep is the goal.

There are also the Delta One-equipped Boeing 757s: single-aisle planes offering fully-flat business class beds in a 2-2 configuration:

Delta One business class aboard the Boeing 757.
Delta One business class aboard the Boeing 757.

Given the layout, this requires the window-side passenger to step over or past their aisle-side neighbour, although passengers travelling together may prefer these seats given the ability to socialise more easily.

2. Earn miles in a range of frequent flyer programs

Of course, flights taken with Delta can earn frequent flyer points in the carrier's own SkyMiles program, but its membership in the global SkyTeam alliance means you can also choose to credit your flights elsewhere.

That's particularly handy if you're already sitting on a small stash of SkyTeam miles and want to build on that tally to book your next free flight: such as by crediting your Delta flight to a program like Korean Air Skypass, or Air France/KLM Flying Blue.

Delta's other bespoke partnerships with non-alliance airlines such as Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic also open the door to earning frequent flyer points in Velocity and Flying Club, respectively.

3. Take home your TUMI amenity kit

Amenity kits in Delta One are provided by designer brand TUMI, and come stocked with a range of products to make your flight more comfortable.

This kit is yours to take home, and could be repurposed as a pencil case, razor bag, cable case, mobile first aid pouch, or a useful place to keep all your international travel adaptors together.

Delta's TUMI amenity kit bags are much more than single-use disposables.
Delta's TUMI amenity kit bags are much more than single-use disposables.

It can also continue its life as an amenity kit, of course, but be mindful that at many security checkpoints, you'll need to separate all your liquids and gels into a separate clear bag.

Getting an upgrade on Delta

Delta offers unlimited complimentary upgrades to its own elite frequent flyers on many flights, including US domestic routes where Delta One is sold.

These upgrades are subject to availability – and of course, are only offered where a paying passenger hasn't already booked the seat. These complimentary upgrades don't cover international Delta One flights, however.

Another alternative for Delta Platinum and Diamond Medallion members is to use a Regional Upgrade Certificate to confirm their domestic Delta One upgrade, or for Diamond-tier guests to use a Global Upgrade Certificate to secure an international Delta One upgrade.

One other method is to use frequent flyer points or miles. Delta's own SkyMiles can be used to secure an upgrade when availability permits.

Reviews on Delta business class

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Lounge reviews for Delta One flyers

Delta Sky Club, New York JFK T4

Considered one of Delta's flagship lounges when it first opened, the Sky Club at JFK Terminal 4 caters to most long-distance Delta flights including cross-country treks, with a standout feature being an outdoor terrace where guests can unwind.

Explore the Sky Deck at the Delta JFK T4 Sky Club.
Explore the Sky Deck at the Delta JFK T4 Sky Club.

Beyond the expected Sky Club amenities, a la carte dining is available here too: but for that, you'll have to pay.

Review: Delta Sky Club, New York JFK T4

Delta Sky Club, Washington, D.C. (DCA)

Following a refurbishment in 2018, Delta's Sky Club at DCA Airport offers views towards notable icons like the Washington Monument and the Capitol, as well as bartender service and buffet dining.

Enjoy refreshments at DCA Airport's Delta Sky Club.
Enjoy refreshments at DCA Airport's Delta Sky Club.

The lounge isn't easy to find, but once you're inside, it's easy to relax.

Review: Delta Sky Club, Washington, D.C. (DCA)

Delta business class FAQs

Do you get pyjamas flying Delta business class?

Pyjamas aren't offered on any Delta flight.

Does Delta business class have WiFi?

Yes: most Delta flights feature inflight Internet access, and the use of messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage is complimentary for all guests, including Delta business class flyers.

Broader access, such as for emails and web browsing, comes at a charge and is not included in your Delta business class fare.

Does Delta business class include lounge access?

Lounge access is included, where available, to business class passengers on flights sold as Delta One, including domestic and international routes.

However, lounge access is not included by default with your business class ticket when travelling in Delta "first class" (being business class by another name on flights with reclining seats), or in other cabins such as Delta Premium Select.

This is where the right frequent flyer status, credit card or airport lounge membership comes in handy to get you through the door.

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