Discover Lufthansa's Private Jet service

By Staff Writers, October 9 2015
Discover Lufthansa's Private Jet service

Whether you're simply bouncing across Europe or making the longer trek from Asia – or even Australia on one of Lufthansa's Star Alliance partners – the Lufthansa Private Jet service makes a lot of sense and can even help keep your business travel budget in check.

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1. Connections are easy with Lufthansa first class

Chartering a private jet from one corner of the globe to the other is certainly an expensive endeavour, but Lufthansa eases the blow somewhat with seamless integration between private jet and 'regular' first class.

That means you can fly in Lufthansa first class from the likes of Singapore and Hong Kong to its home hub in Frankfurt, and then connect onwards to your final destination via private jet.

When you schedule that connection is entirely up to you: visit a client in Frankfurt after your arrival or have your private jet standing at the ready for the speediest of transfers.

2. It can cost less than flying business class

Can a private jet flight actually cost less than business class? We'd not have believed it either, but when you combine Lufthansa first class flights with a private jet connection, the numbers speak for themselves.

Take a sample jaunt from Prague to Los Angeles via Frankfurt: ordinarily costing around 12,118 (A$19,626) with the longer flight in first class and the short European hop in business class.

Compare that to a lower 11,100 (A$17,979) with the same first class seat between Frankfurt and LAX but a private jet between Prague and Frankfurt and you've saved roughly $1,647, all while enjoying the comfort of VIP travel.

As an added bonus, a well-timed private jet connection can slash almost two hours from the journey time – saving your company money in executive wages – and also includes free limousine transfers at each end: trimming your expense account even further.

3. It's flexible: book up to 10 hours before take-off

As you'd expect of a plane that's just for you and your entourage, short-notice bookings are the norm and can be made up to 12 hours before wheels-up in North America or just 10 hours prior in Europe, Russia and North Africa.

With Lufthansa's major commercial destinations in Asia – including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, China and Thailand – all greater than 10 hours from Frankfurt by air, there's ample opportunity to book a last-minute first class flight to Europe with a private jet awaiting your arrival on the tarmac.

Need to make a change after you reach Frankfurt? No problem: your personal concierge assistant is standing by to tweak your journey to your needs, while all-out booking cancellations can be made up until 48 hours before departure.

4. Your entourage flies for free

Colleagues, assistants, translators, your partner or even friends are welcome to board your Lufthansa private jet at no extra charge – indeed, flying for free in the best possible way!

That's not just a great perk, it's also a significant money-saver for businesses that would have otherwise paid for commercial flights, and especially so where your company's travel policy allows for business class within Europe.

On sampling fare prices in mid-October, a return business class trip for your assistant between Frankfurt and fashion capital Milan comes in at 658, or A$1,039 for what is only a 1hr 10m journey each way.

Fly them aboard your private jet and you'll reduce that expense to $0, saving your company yet another $1,000.

5. You can still enjoy first class lounges

Flying privately doesn't have to involve using far-away airports or separate, lounge-less terminals in the larger cities: Lufthansa Private Jet customers can enjoy full airport lounge access on the ground when using a private jet to connect to or from a first class flight.

If that's you, you'll find Lufthansa's dedicated First Class Terminal in Frankfurt standing at the ready, and when it's time to board, you'll be escorted to your private Mercedes-Benz or Porsche and chauffeur-driven from terminal to aircraft.

Elsewhere, the airline's first class and Senator lounges await, as do those of Lufthansa's Star Alliance partners such as Austrian, LOT Polish Airlines, SAS, South African Airways and Swiss.

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