First look: Qantas' new mobile app for Windows phones

By David Flynn, April 14 2011
First look: Qantas' new mobile app for Windows phones

Qantas is among the many airlines that have released iPhone apps, and now there's an app for Windows Phones in the works.

The app uses on-screen indicators or 'Live Tiles' to indicate the status of your flight plus a constantly-updated timeline for check-in, boarding, bag drop and more.

It aims to tie into the whole flight 'experience', from flashing a reminder of your next flight in your calendar to knowing how long it will take at the airport to walk to the departure gate, based on your current location (thanks to the phone's inbuilt GPS).

There's even the promise that it will turn red if the app knows that you're running late.

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There's no release date for the app, which was previewed overnight at a Microsoft tech conference in Las Vegas.

But over at LifeHacker, editor and very frequent flyer Angus Kidman asks "Why develop for Windows Phone 7 when there’s still no sign of an Android or BlackBerry app?"

"I’m a fan of the Windows Phone 7 look and I’m all for diversifying from the idea that mobile apps simply means iOS" Kidman says, "but you’d have to think building something for Android would help a lot more frequent flyers."

Meanwhile, here's a series of screenshots snapped during the presentation by Australian developer and blogger Long Zheng, from


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