Frequent Flyer: Laura Dundovic

By David Flynn, December 14 2010
Frequent Flyer: Laura Dundovic

When she's not hosting Fox 8's Dating in the Dark, former Miss Australia 2008 (and MIss Universe 2008 contender) Laura Dundovic makes the most of travel opportunity she gets.

How many days would you spend travelling each year?
I spend at least one day interstate a week and head overseas once to twice a year.

What city do you most often visit for business?
I fly to Melbourne every second week or so. A lot of the companies I work for have offices there so most of my work is split between Sydney and Melbourne.

What are your best tips for Melbourne?
Pack a variety of clothing options for each day and check the weather in advance because it's true what they say: Melbourne can have four seasons in one day.

What's the one thing you do (or try to do) on every trip?
Eat somewhere new... it’s easy to stick to the places you know but it’s fun exploring new cities.

On any business trip, what do you like to do in your spare time?
If I’ve had a busy week I use my down time to rest and recuperate. I head to the gym at the hotel or catch up on sleep. Most of the time though I like to make the most of being away and try to catch up with friends or colleagues who live in whatever city I’m in.

What’s your favourite city to travel to?
LA – I find the city incredibly motivating. The people are so friendly, the weather is great and it seems to have that perfect balance of work and socializing like we have here in Australia.

You’ve got a spare day in LA: what do you do?
Head to the beach, because I'm a water baby. And when the clouds roll in, do some shopping!

When you’ve overseas, what are your favourite stores to shop in?
I love finding little back stores or little carts for jewelry. I love having things that no one else has! Department stores though I can't go past include Topshop, Zara and Victoria’s Secret.

What’s your favourite hotel?
In Melbourne it's the Crown Towers. Internationally I have stayed in some wonderful places but to be honest I’m all about location rather than accommodation and some of the best places aren’t necessarily five-star but they are right in the heart of the country and are immersed in culture.

What are some essential carry-on items you’d never leave home without?
Headphones, iPhone, laptop and a jacket.

How do you typically spend your in-flight time?
I sleep the whole flight through, regardless of whether it's one hour or a 15 hour flight. As long as I am warm and there is music playing I am happy! My favourite tunes at the moment would be Angus and Julia Stone or Birds of Tokyo. Nice and light, and easy to sleep to! I also love dozing off to Jeff Buckley.

How do you beat jetlag?
By sleeping the whole flight. Most of the time I am sleep deprived anyway so it gives me a chance to catch up on some hours and then when I land I follow that country's sleeping pattern regardless of how tired or awake I am. I have chronic fatigue so I can sleep whenever, wherever! I know for most people though this is very hard to do.

What are the first things you do on a business trip after settling into your ?hotel?
It's usually straight to work for me, but not before grabbing an overpriced chocolate from the mini bar (I am a chocoholic).

What do you like most about travelling, even though it’s for work?
Getting to know a new city and culture and meeting new people. 

What advice would give airlines to improve the experience of the business ?traveller?
I think all flights need to have a system whereby a passenger lets the crew know if they would like to be woken for a meal. A lot of the time people don’t want to interrupt me sleeping, and then I wake up ravishing!

What are your biggest travel gripes?
Before I leave, it's getting injections. Once I arrive, it's the money you are charged from your bank to withdraw cash. I don’t like carrying too much on me and find myself paying loads of fees.

What’s your best travel advice?
Make the most of every minute you are away and do some touristy things, although in my opinion meeting the locals is the best way to explore another culture.


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David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

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