Hotel CEO gets hands dirty as "undercover boss"

By danwarne, November 15 2010
Hotel CEO gets hands dirty as

Workers at Medina, Vibe, Travelodge and Adina hotels have discovered to their horror and amusement that the "new girl on staff" was in fact the hotel group CEO.

CEO of Toga Hospitality Rachel Argaman, will tonight be outed as the latest recruit of "Undercover Boss Australia", cleaning rooms, checking in guests, setting up for conferences, and -- according to this promotional still from the program -- mixing the ingredients for bircher muesli, apparently.

Argaman says she got to "hear some home truths about the business", which will be revealed in the program tonight at 9.30PM on Channel 10.

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24 Oct 2010

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Am I the only one who thinks "Undercover Boss" is the biggest product placement-fest since "Brand Power"?

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