Newest airline fee? Fast-track airport security

By John Walton, June 27 2011
Newest airline fee? Fast-track airport security

Airlines have found yet another 'optional extra' to charge passengers for, but this one actually sounds like a smart deal -- especially for business travellers.

Domestic US airline JetBlue's "Even More Speed" option lets you buy your way into the premium fast-track security lines at over a dozen US airports.

It's currently offered as part of JetBlue's "Even More Space" bundle, which includes extra legroom at the front of the plane and exit row seats, early boarding -- and, most importantly for the carry-on luggage obsessed USA, first shot at the overhead bins for your ridiculously large wheeled suitcase. (JetBlue is one of the few US airlines that still lets you check your first piece of hold baggage for free.) 

The package costs $10 for a short flight to $100 for the longest JetBlue flight, but indications are that the airline will offer "Even More Speed" on its own -- for Even More Fees, no doubt.

There's no reason why Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar shouldn't offer a similar perk as a cost-extra. 

Virgin Australia passengers already get fast-track security at the curbside Sydney lounge if they're very frequent flyers, members of the lounge access program, or willing to fork out $65 for a single pass access.

So how much extra would you pay just for the fast-track security on its own?

John Walton

Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. Well, except when facing rearwards in business class.

09 May 2011

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Frankly, I've never had a problem with extra-long lines at any airport in Australia -- the fact that we don't need to take shoes (and belt, and watch, and...) off here means even the longest lines clear pretty quickly.

Qantas - Platinum One

18 Jan 2011

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The domestic priority security lanes that Qantas has introduced (and sometimes enforces) are always long enough as they are - and that's just with the queue of business/gold/platinum customers - I would hate to imagine what would happen if any passenger was able to purchase access to the queue - in fact, that they would have to more stringently enforce access to the queue would probably even create a queue to enter the queue! Nightmare!

Virgin Blue - Velocity Rewards

12 May 2011

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Well we already have it here, free of charge :), in business class and flexi fares that is ;)

Virgin Blue - Velocity Rewards

04 Apr 2011

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Great article guys, and highlights that we already offer this to our Business Class and Premium Economy Guests and Velocity Gold members in Brisbane as well as those guests on our primary pier in Melbourne.

Of course our Sydney Lounge kerbside Premium Entry is the benchmark when it comes to clearing security the fastest!

11 Jun 2011

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When did the comments section of AUSBT become a place for Virgin to advertise their wares?

Virgin Blue - Velocity Rewards

04 Apr 2011

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The fact that the article mentions us would surely allow us the right to respond Propaganda?

30 Jun 2011

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ausbt, can regular lounge members / single pass buyers really use virgin's fast-track security in sydney? i thought it was only for selected passengers, based on your review ( and virgin's website (

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