Airbus launches a private jet version of its A220

The pint-sized private jet boasts a continent-hopping 12 hour range with unrivalled comfort along the way.

By David Flynn, October 6 2020
Airbus launches a private jet version of its A220

Airbus' smallest A220 jet is now its newest business jet, with the A220-100 being given a VIP makeover to emerge with the marketing moniker of the "ACJ TwoTwenty".

The ACJ220 – sorry, TwoTwenty – makes the most of the 220 series' relatively wide cabin, which in turn is being dangled in front of potential buyers in a "flexible cabin catalogue, addressing the requirements of the heavy and long-range business jet categories."

With 73m² (785 ft²) of floor space distributed over six wide VIP living areas, the ACJ220 makes room for up to 18 passengers to work, dine and unwind.

Airbus design partner Comlux Aviation will outfit selected TwoTwenty VIP jets, due to take wing in early 2023, with a business and guest lounge as well as a private entertainment space and bedroom, with an en suite bathroom boasting a standing rainshower.

Airbus has also given the ACJ220 the legs to fly up to 10,500 km (5,650nm) – over 12 hours – to directly connect the likes of London to Los Angeles and Tokyo to Dubai.

The ACJ220 "combines intercontinental range, unmatched personal space and comfort for all passengers," says Benoit Defforge, President of Airbus Corporate Jets. “Based on its compelling market appeal, we see promising demand for this aircraft in the growing business jet market.”

Airbus spruiks the A220 Family as the quietest, cleanest and most eco-friendly aircraft in its category, with a 50% reduced noise footprint compared to previous generation aircraft and up to 25% lower fuel burn.

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27 Aug 2017

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Every aircraft that has ever flown is best in its category at just about everything and compares favourably to a previous generation. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

25 Sep 2013

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Except perhaps the B737 Max.


19 Apr 2012

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Not sure how a bed fits crossways like the picture suggests!!!


23 Oct 2015

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How long do you think the bed is? 

The cabin is 3.28m wide - allowing 100mm for a bedhead, that still leaves you 1.15m from the foot of a king-sized bed to the opposite wall

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

27 Aug 2014

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hardly pint-sized for an exec jet

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