Lufthansa reveals ‘new’ A350 business class

The German flag-carrier is now flying former Philippine Airlines A350s which boast a superior business class to Lufthansa's own.

By David Flynn, April 29 2022
Lufthansa reveals ‘new’ A350 business class

Psst: Lufthansa has a new Airbus A350 business class seat. Okay, so ‘new’ is a matter of perspective.

Yes, it’s a new seat for the German flag-carrier, and with direct aisle access for all passengers it’s a definite step up from the dated 2-2-2 business class of Lufthansa’s other A350s (below).

But put away thoughts of this being a revolutionary new design that raises the bar for business class and pushes the premium travel envelope.

Nope: Lufthansa’s latest A350s happen to be former Philippine Airlines jets – ditched as the carrier trimmed its costs and fleet – and they sport the same business class as PAL debuted on them in 2018 (a seat based on the popular Vantage XL design from Thompson Aero).

Lufthansa has refreshed the seats with new coverings, but apart from that, here’s what travellers turning left when they board these A350s will see.

No, sorry, that’s Philippine Airlines’ A350 business class.

This is what Lufthansa’s A350 flyers will see. There’s really quite a difference.

The Star Alliance member begins flying the first of four ex-Philippine Airlines A350s this week, with the other three to follow in the coming weeks – they’re expected to be dedicated to routes from Munich to Canada, including Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Meanwhile, Lufthansa is still waiting to roll out its long-promised next-generation business class – revealed in 2017, and also developed by Thompson Aero – on the delayed Boeing 777-9s, which the airline is now unlikely to see until 2026.

The airline also plans a fresh take on first class for ten Airbus A350s to be based at its Munich hub, while its second-gen premium economy seat will be fitted across the Airbus A350, Boeing 787-9 and Boeing 747-8 flagships, along with the much-delayed Boeing 777-9.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

21 Jul 2019

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The awkward moment when a 5 star airline* buys second-hand planes from a lesser ranked airline, only to discover the second-hand seats are streets ahead of everything it currently has, or will have in the future.

*treat claim with caution

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

12 Sep 2011

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5Starhansa  is so because of their First, which is a fantastic product. Their business is 3 star.  I was in a trial for the current seats in 2010.  I always upgrade to First, except once they swapped our A380 to JFK  to a 747 with Business-Economy.  Despite the 1500 Euro compensation, and the First ground services at Frankfurt and JFJK  it was a terrible flight in their outdated Business

Cathay Pacific - The Marco Polo Club

01 Oct 2021

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Lufthansa have always been light years behind the rest of the world with their overpriced outdated products which arrogant Germans accept to be the best because they have not got a clue on what real quality on a plane is like . They are often forced to fly Lufthansa because t's the German thing to. 


14 Jan 2020

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totally agree with all comments so far, one of the worst business class flights I have ever done, especially the food

I recall taking my kids and wife and all they would eat was the bread. seats were very narrow on A380. don't understand how German flag airline could provide such product.

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