Virgin set for another Velocity frequent flyer status extension

Executive Traveller understands that Velocity status and status credits are just weeks away from another refresh.

By David Flynn, August 13 2021
Virgin set for another Velocity frequent flyer status extension
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Virgin Australia is set to offer another status extension to its Velocity frequent flyers, and this one could run through to at least 2023.

The move comes as Qantas announced a 'status support package' will will keep its own frequent flyers covered as far as mid-2023, and follows Virgin's previous two status extensions.

The first of these was a blanket extension to all Velocity Silver, Gold and Platinum frequent flyers, which locked in their tier level until 30 September 2021.

The second, which applied only to Gold and Platinum card-holders, saw their shiny status preserved for up to 18 months – as far out as September 2022 – provided they booked a Virgin Australia flight by 28 March 2021 for travel on any date to 22 February 2022.

Now there's a third Velocity status extension in the wings: one which will let members keep enjoying their perks until at least 2023 – and Virgin going a step further into the 2024 calendar year can't be ruled out.

Executive Traveller understands this new Velocity status extension will be announced within weeks, and will also encompass Velocity Points and Status Credits.

Approached by Executive Traveller for comment, a Virgin Australia Group spokesman said "with more travel opportunities on the horizon as vaccination rates increase, we’re looking at more ways we can incentivise our members to book while protecting the member benefits they've earned."

"Velocity Frequent Flyer is committed to the more than 10 million members who have joined the program and we've shown that many times throughout the pandemic with status tier extensions on top of bonus Points and Status Credits."

"We know loyalty works both ways and we're here for our members during these challenging times."

How do Qantas and Virgin Australia compare for frequent flyers? 


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08 Jul 2017

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Hmmm ... I wonder how this could tie up with the Double SC promotion that finished yesterday.


11 Jul 2014

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Do velocity points have a use by date? "encompass the use-by date of Velocity Points"

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Aug 2017

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Velocity points normally expire after 24 months of account inactivity.


09 May 2020

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As an armchair airline CEO, I have no clout or qualification to ask this but here goes:

What’s so hard about matching the status extension offer of QF?

Oh sure being value -added services they are not in direct competition with the other airline (ie full service airline, I hesitate to call it premium considering the drop in service quality, COVID or not you can’t deny QF have lost a bit of gloss ) but seriously let’s not pretend they are completing for different client base.

The business class travellers are still the cash cow post COVID if enough business survive the pandemic and Zoom meeting may be convenient but will not get the deal in a time travel are unrestricted.

And i don’t see how cutting off the entire group of loyal travellers at a time where most people can’t Fly will help to maintain the future business.

Just announce the status extension to match QF and let the underlings sort out the details and the IT bit; it’s not as if the status extension will cost really anything and it’s not as if they are issuing the cards anyway

17 Feb 2020

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It's good to see Qantas supporting members given the ongoing current travel restrictions, but it's only good if your status expires before June 2022. There is no support for members with expiry dates past June 2022. 

This might well be totally irrelevant anyway.  I am long term Platinum however, with the weakening of links with Delta and lack of metal between here and anywhere else, looks like my QF Platinum is way more valuable and worth preserving.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

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An astute Observation.  The void of future prospective flights connecting to either Delta (for onwards from LAX within the USA) or Virgin Atlantic (for onwards from LAX over to LHR) has me reconsidering my options.  Obviously those connections don't need to be active now, but VA2 should at least be getting their ducks in a row, and telling us about it, for when double-vax pax can fly again.  

In the mean time, good to know Platinum and Gold status will shine into 2023 (assuming there are no sneaky tricks).  


13 Aug 2016

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All of there New Zealand based members needed an status extension till at least the end of 2022 with the need to have booked an flight.

Being New Zealand based we haven’t really had an chance to fly VA since March 2020. 

If they want any hope of New Zealand FF returning to there services on the Tasman once they resume then they need todo something.

I’ve already switched to earning NZ Gold, from domestic flying thanks to Covid19.

08 May 2020

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Living in Victoria has its extreme's in booking any Flights domestically and across to New Zealand is even worse.  3 times I had to rebook and as it is now completely hopeless. I honestly cannot understand Australia & New Zealand Law & Health makers to work out how we could work commercially with Business people to travel between the 2 Countries. I was ready to travel just before that last outbreak in Victoria. Fully vaccinated and the 72 Hour Negative Test certificate in Hand but I got beaten by 2 Days & all the Booking again for nothing.   I expected Air NZ to reimburse the Ticket dollars but they declined and only offer Credits which i am not all that interested as I will fly with Virgin once they resume flights again to NZ.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

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Well . . . at least its good to know VA2 is thinking of its Platinum and Gold status velocity members, even if the details complicate things slightly.  I've always found the Velocity helpdesk very accommodating when I've fallen between the cracks (so to speak).  

And I'll never forget the above-and-beyond help VA gave pax with accommodation when stranded in SYD one night in 2010 due to a massive dust storm.  VA left QF in their dust (pardon the pun).  

21 Jul 2020

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Watch me get stitched up here, going to Darwin Monday but couldn’t book earlier due to covid, then they will bring this out after I get back. Stitch up.

21 Dec 2012

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seem like an obvious move, to my mind it would be  silly for either of them to release flyers from their golden handcuffs (or platinum, as it were). If we're not flying at all we're not costing money through the lounges.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

12 Nov 2017

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I just hope that VA extends their deadline for the travel bank. I have $7K in there that looks unlikely to be used by mid-next year. I also have $8K in Delta flights that are likely to be lost seeing that their partnership has dissolved.

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