• So, really there's no planned ongoing reduction, just necessary maintenance.With only 5 777, such disruption is generally hard to avoid.

  • "Arguably Singapore's best first class lounge?" I would suggest those with access to Singapore Airlines' "The Private Room" in T3 may disagree.

  • The new access webpage was introduced at the beginning of July - and contained the misinformation referred to. (Footnote of ²)I noticed it has been fixed by August 16th when the footnote had been changed to ¹ .

  • @ChrisCH "The information we've published is based on Qantas' own published lounge access policies, which have long applied more restrictive guesting rules for Qantas' own members than for other Oneworld frequent flyers."Qantas must have realised their mistake and have now updated their guest a...

  • There was a poor review on AFF this morning.No hot breakfast items contradicts the blurb.https://www.australianfrequentflyer.com.au/community/threads/virgin-international-lounge-wellington-poor-start.94014/

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