You can now book a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Suite at the NY Plaza Hotel

The iconic New York Plaza Hotel offers a US$1,675-per-night themed suite and afternoon tea based on the hit TV show.

By Bloomberg Pursuits, February 10 2022
You can now book a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Suite at the NY Plaza Hotel

City dwellers may be craving a return to 2019-like normalcy, but for visitors to Manhattan it will soon be possible to rewind the clock much further: to the early 1960s.

That’s courtesy of the storied Plaza Hotel and Amazon Prime Video, which are teaming up to recreate aspects of the hit show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The Emmy award-winning comedy will begin streaming its fourth season debut on February 18.

Although the hotel itself is not featured in the show, a suite on its 12th floor has been converted into a replica of main character Midge Maisel’s Upper West Side apartment.

The room at the historic Plaza on Fifth Avenue is filled with midcentury art, antiques, and furniture similar to those sourced by the show’s designers; the dark wooden, carved headboard is an exact replica of the one on set.

Perhaps most enticing will be the closet, loaded with such Midge-inspired outfits as her signature wide-lapel wool coats and pearl jewelry, which guests can wear and purchase on site.

Overnights, available from February 10 to April 10, will start at US$1,675, reflecting nearly a 50% premium over the Plaza’s one-bedroom suites. The rates include a themed afternoon tea menu and Midge-inspired blowout from the hotel salon.

A recreation of Midge Maisel's 1960s apartment at the Plaza.
A recreation of Midge Maisel's 1960s apartment at the Plaza.

While the TV-themed suite is hardly the first of its kind – a Queen's Gambit-inspired room at the 21C hotel in Lexington, Kentucky is just one recent example – the Mrs. Maisel collaboration represents a unique partnership between an iconic hotel and the streaming giant, which itself has footed a portion of the costs to get the suite up and running. 

And themed suites have historically represented good business for the 115-year-old Plaza Hotel: according to Crystal Laurence, the  property’s director of sales and marketing, its 10-year-old Eloise suite has seen such consistent, year-round demand that it’s become one of the hotel’s signatures.

The themed afternoon tea.
The themed afternoon tea.

Amazon and the Plaza are hoping to generate buzz beyond the suite with additional offerings that can bring in a local crowd.

Some of the show’s actual costumes and props, including one of Midge’s gold handbags and a pair of her long, green, leather gloves, are on display in glass showcases throughout the hotel lobby.

And a special riff on the Plaza’s signature Afternoon Tea, from US$99 per person, includes black-and-white cookie-inspired macarons and gussied-up pastrami finger sandwiches that pay homage to Midge’s ‘60s Jewish New York.

Laurence expects the appeal to be even broader than the show’s sizable fan base. “The quintessential New York items on the menu will resonate, even if someone’s never seen the show,” she says.

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