Qantas mulls Android app plus improved app for iPhone

By David Flynn, August 21 2012

Qantas is looking to upgrade its iPhone app and also considering launching an app for Android smartphones.

Following the release of its slick Windows Phone app (check out our walkthrough here), a Qantas spokesperson confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that the airline is "definitely looking at other popular platforms" for its apps.

Qantas' Windows Phone app is one sweet bit of smartphone kit...

"The launch of the Windows app is part of a roll-out strategy for mobile technology" AusBT was told. "We will certainly be enhancing our mobile offering for other devices in the near future."

... which only goes to show what the Red Roo's iPhone app should be.

"I can’t name check anything officially at this stage – but we are definitely looking at other popular platforms" the spokesperson continued.

Note the plural there: platforms.

Qantas already has a Frequent Flyer app for Apple's iOS platform, which powers the iPhone and iPad – but it's a decidedly lacklustre effort which users rate an average of just two stars out of five in reviews on Apple's iTunes App Store, so that's ripe for a massive make-over. And it's hard to imagine how in this iDevice era you'd not create an app which ran to best effect on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Meanwhile, with Android now outpacing Apple by 2:1 – hitting 61 percent of US smartphone sales during the first quarter of this year, compared to 29 percent for the iPhone – plus hot new handsets from the likes of Samsung and HTC, Google's mobile platform is begging for a little Red Roo love.

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David Flynn

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11 Mar 2012

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Here's hoping the app allows one to at least book a flight.  Even if it has to be followed up with payment via the standard web site.



03 Nov 2011

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wow...disappointing to see no qantas app for what's the largest smartphone platform in the world (soemthing like 60%): android. cmon qantas ;)




10 Sep 2011

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With both WP8 and Android sporting NFC, could we see NFC functions enabled in Qantas apps that allow users to tap their way through airports like they they can with the Qantas Club, Silver, Gold, Plat cards?  Let's hope so!

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