Thai Airways upgrades London flights to Boeing 747, new first class

By Chris C., September 19 2014
Thai Airways upgrades London flights to Boeing 747, new first class

Thai Airways passengers travelling to London Heathrow will soon enjoy an upgraded first class service at the pointy end with the airline switching the route to its newer Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

A spokesperson for the airline confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that from October 26, passengers in ‘Royal First’ can unwind in Thai’s newer private suites between Bangkok and London.

That's a considerable improvement over the lie-flat first class seats on the A340-600 aircraft that the Boeing 747 replaces, and gives premium travellers much more consistency on the flagship route.

The airline flies from its Bangkok hub to London Heathrow twice-daily, with both flights on the receiving end of the jumbo upgrade.

That includes TG910: wheels-up at 12:15am and reaching the U.K. capital at 6:20am later that day, and TG916: leaving Thailand at 1:20pm for a 7:35pm arrival in London that evening.

On the return, TG911 takes to London’s skies at 11:50am daily and touches down in Bangkok at 6:10am the next morning, while TG917 has an evening departure at 9:35pm: parking at the gate at 3:55pm the following afternoon.

Kick back in 'Royal First' (first class) on Thai's newer Boeing 747s
Kick back in 'Royal First' (first class) on Thai's newer Boeing 747s

TG916 is the perfect onward connection for first class passengers travelling from Sydney to Bangkok on flight TG472, with a transit of just three hours in between flights – ample time for a massage at Thai’s Royal Orchid Spa.

Heading back from London, both TG911 and TG917 align perfectly for Sydney travellers jetting home on flights TG471 and TG475, respectively.

In a recent backtrack by the airline, Sydneysiders will continue to enjoy Boeing 747 first class flights on Thai Airways – previously flagged for replacement by smaller Boeing 777 aircraft from October 26, which were to come without first class.

Perth residents are also in for an improved flying experience from September 21 through to October 25, with the older Thai Airways Airbus A330 replaced with a shiny new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

From October 26, the Airbus A330 returns to Western Australia – although travellers heading to Milan (Malpensa) from that date also score the Boeing 747 as a replacement for the Airbus A340-600.

Unlike London, Milan gets the older Boeing 747s with lie-flat seats in first class as opposed to the decadent suites enjoyed by London-bound travellers.

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 May 2011

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As always with TG, there are never any guarentees! I can recall that last year they scheduled the 747 to London with refurbished F class suites (in lieu of flying the A380 to the UK), that obviously never lasted!

09 Apr 2014

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Unfortunately TG476 has been downgraded to the oler style F instead of the new suites the route was getting beforehand. Im guessing thats where they got the aircraft for the London route from.

I think TG is still undecided on what aircraft to use for TG475/6 because although a 747 is showing in their schedules from Oct 26 it's not possible to book a first class seat after that date!


12 Apr 2013

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I do not understand this “upgrade” business. There where plenty of articles on this very site when 747 been upgraded to [insert your favorite aircraft] and here something been upgraded to 747! I mean there is no such things like “upgrade aircraft”, but there is definitely such things like “upgrade seats”.

24 Apr 2012

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Swapping a Boeing 747 for an A380 superjumbo is an "upgrade", in the same way that swapping an older A340 for a Boeing 747 is also an "upgrade".

(Both have four engines, but the B747 also comes with an upper deck, and in Thai's case on this particular route, also the new first class seats.)


12 Apr 2013

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Well, many consider 787 an upgrade from 747 – newer aircraft with modern technologies etc. If this is correct then why A340 is not an upgrade from 747? A340 significantly newer first flew 2 decades after 747. For me an upgrade is when nothing became “lesser” – either stay the same or became better. So 340 to 747 is an upgrade in my eyes, while 747 to 787 is replacement. My previous post was with tongue in cheek because I love 747 and do not really like that it is going from the sky.

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