The best seats in business class on Air New Zealand's Boeing 767

By John Walton, April 20 2012
The best seats in business class on Air New Zealand's Boeing 767

Air NZ flies its 767s on all Perth flights and some trans-Tasman routes that head to Auckland. You'll also find it on some Japan routes.

It's an older business class, with some particular seats to avoid -- so we've put together one of our popular best seats guides to help you make your flight more comfortable.

The business class isn't Air NZ's excellent Business Premier flat-bed offering, but rather a recliner-style seat that's slightly better than the domestic business class you'll find in Australia, with a total of 50 inches of seat pitch compared with roughly 38 inches domestically.

How does seat pitch affect your legroom? We jargonbust the technical terms in our illustrated article on legroom and seat pitch.

There are four rows of seats, arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration, for a total of 24 seats in business class.

The best seats on the plane

1K: if you prefer a window seat, this is the one to pick unless you're very tall. Since it's a bulkheads, it's slightly easier to make your way out past the aisle seat passenger. But beware: the aisle seat has the bassinet crib position, so you may be subject to baby noise or may even be bumped to make room for an infant.

3E 3F: aisle fan? Pick these seats. There's nobody clambering over you since they're a centre pair, and you're about as far as you can get from potential baby noise.

E & F seats: if you can't get 3E or 3F, aisle fans, make sure you pick the E and F seats in the centre pairs to avoid having a window passenger climbing over you.

The worst seats on the plane

1E 1B 1A: in order of proximity, these seats are right next to the lavatory, and 1B is a bassinet crib position for infants. Avoid.

Row 4: these seats are right in front of economy (which has two bassinet crib positions in the front row), so you're more likely to be disturbed.

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