The best ways to spend 50,000 Virgin Australia Velocity points

By Chris C., January 18 2017
The best ways to spend 50,000 Virgin Australia Velocity points

Virgin Australia Velocity frequent flyer points are easier to earn than ever before, thanks to partnerships with BP, Coles Flybuys and an array of great credit card sign-up offers: but how could you best spend 50,000 of those hard-earned points?

Here's how!

1. Upgrade to business class on Australian east-west flights

Use your Velocity points to upgrade from Virgin Australia economy to the more comfortable surroundings of business class on east-west flights such as Sydney-Perth, Melbourne-Perth and Brisbane-Perth.

Just 9,900 Velocity points is all it takes to upgrade a flexible (Freedom) economy ticket, giving you five one-way business class upgrades from your 50,000 points with change to spare – particularly great value if those flights are served by Airbus A330 aircraft fitted with 'The Business' business class.

Or, upgrade one Elevate or Getaway economy fare to business class for 30,000 Velocity points one-way: leaving 20,000 points in the kitty, enough for a further return upgrade when booked on a more flexible Freedom fare.

2. Upgrade to 'The Business' on Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi flights

Starting with either a Freedom flexible economy fare or Premium Saver premium economy ticket, 45,000 Velocity points is all you need for a one-way upgrade to business class to Los Angeles or Abu Dhabi.

From higher-priced Premium fares, it's just 25,000 Velocity points per flight or 50,000 points for a return upgrade!

However, this option is only given to Velocity Gold and Platinum frequent flyers – so if your wallet packs a card less shiny, keep reading.

3. Fly Virgin Atlantic 'Upper Class' from New York or Boston to London

Already in New York or Boston on business? You could add some holidays to your trip and dart across to London in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class for just 49,500 Velocity points.

Being Virgin Australia's sister airline, the number of points needed to book flights with Virgin Atlantic is exactly the same as for Virgin Australia journeys of the same length: unlike other partners such as Etihad Airways and Singapore Airlines which require more Velocity points for comparable flights.

Getting back to the USA would require you to book a one-way fare from London, but if price is a concern, 44,600 Velocity points could instead take you from the US east coast to London and back again in Virgin Atlantic economy.

(49,500 Velocity points could also take you from Los Angeles to New York in Virgin America 'first class' or Delta One business class, one-way, although reward availability on this popular route is almost impossible to find.)

4. Upgrade to business class on Bali flights

Book a Go Plus or Getaway fare from Sydney or Brisbane to Bali and upgrade to business class for 48,000 Velocity points return.

If travelling with a partner, you may instead prefer to upgrade both of you on the same flight, at a cost of 24,000 points per passenger one-way.

When booked on higher-priced Freedom tickets, upgrades cost just 14,900 Velocity points per passenger, per flight on this route, with 50,000 Velocity points enough for three one-way business class upgrades and giving you 5,300 Velocity points leftover for future use.

5. Score up to 10 business class upgrades on short Australian domestic flights

It's not as glamorous as flying to Los Angeles or London, but 50,000 Velocity points could nab you 10 business class upgrades on short Australian domestic flights like Sydney-Melbourne when travelling on flexible Freedom economy fares.

Each of those upgrades costs just 4,900 Velocity points, or an even 10,000 Velocity points per flight when travelling on Elevate and Getaway fares: still giving you an impressive five business class upgrades from your balance of 50,000 points.

With lounge access available both before and after each Virgin Australia business class flight, this is a particularly great option for Velocity Silver and Red members who don't already have Virgin Australia lounge access, as these upgrades will also provide for up to 20 lounge visits on Freedom fare upgrades or 10 on Elevate/Getaway upgrades.

Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

08 May 2014

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Personally disagree with using 30,000 Velocity points to upgrade from an Elevate or Getaway economy fare to business class on the East-West flights.

While acknowledging it's subject to availability constraints, a Reward Seat booking on this route only costs 38,200 or 35,500 + $17.47.

Given that you likely paid $180-$230 for your Elevate or Gateway ticket to begin with, the Reward Seat gives much better bang for you buck (well, Velocity point)!

24 Apr 2012

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Indeed, and that's something we've covered before. The reference above has simply been included for those who don't find themselves booked onto Freedom fares (such as being stuck in economy on a 'BFOD' work trip), although the 'star choice' is naturally upgrading from those Freedom fares for a third of the points. :)

18 Jan 2017

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I actually do this a fair bit, mainly due to two reasons:

1) Being a work trip, so ticketed by work
2) Earning status credits, so keeping status.

There will always be the "best use of points", though I ended up with almost 750,000 because I always wanted to make to most of them which meant I kept forking out for fares which is a lot living in Perth.  In recent times I have actually used points and done things I wouldn't have done ... Gone to the AFL Grand Final (Any seat reward), countless Sydney / Melbourne / Hobart / Adelaide trips ... all which I which I wouldn't have done.

I'd sooner die having lots of experiences rather than a stack of requent flyer points.

13 Sep 2016

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East-west upgrade to business class is definitely the best way to burn those points, just make sure you are on the Airbus A330, it's not really worth it if your flight is the Boeing 737.

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