These recycled parts of an Airbus plane bring the sky into your home

By David Flynn, May 21 2019
These recycled parts of an Airbus plane bring the sky into your home

Seeking a unique piece of decor for your office or home? Airbus is now working with feted designers to transform parts of decommissioned aircraft into objets d’art – and each is a guaranteed conversation-starter with its own story to tell.

Dubbed A Piece of Sky, the ‘upcycling’ initiative turns engines and window frames into coffee tables, radome antenna housings into light fixtures and parts of a wing rib into a desk lamp.

Each limited-edition piece comes with a certificate detailing the story behind it, and more products are being added to the series in 2020.

Thierry Rousseau, Bertrand Marc and Christelle Doutey are among the first designers for the A Piece of Sky collection. Here are eight of our favourites.

The window frames of an Airbus A320 cabin have been repurposed into a series of three compact occasional Window tables with different legs and colours, each with a distinctly airborne touch. At just €750 each, and with only fifty being produced, these are sure to go fast.

In a higher-tech treatment, the Spok dresser table turns an A320 window frame into a ‘smart mirror’ which connects to you WiFi network to show news and weather updates.

The aptly-named UFO light fixture is part of an A340 Radome, transformed into a dazzling light shade which looks as if it’s flying.

The Iron Sky table sees the metal struts of an Airbus A340 wing serving as supports for a thick polished wooden table-top.

The solid Midlight desk lamp is shaped from the metal wing rib of an Airbus A340.

The Calipso cabinet repurposes the fuselage panels of an Airbus A320 into a storage unit that’s also strong enough to keep your big-screen TV aloft.

If you want a coffee table that doubles as an unmissable centrepiece to any room, the massive Moon Crater is crafted from the engine exhaust of an Airbus A380 engine.

A titanium honeycomb-patterned panel adorn this massive two-metre wide low table, with a slab of glass provides a window into the heart of the engine.

Some of the A Piece of Sky items are inspired by aircraft rather than incorporating parts of a jet. This includes the Cloud chair, which draws its shape from a precise copy of the nose of an Airbus A350 and constructed from composite materials, wood and concrete.

To see the full A Piece of Sky range, visit


David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

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14 Jan 2014

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Oh lord... there goes the credit card bill as I WANT!!

Think of the miles Jason... ha ha ha ha

24 Oct 2010

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Mate, I was this close to putting in an order for the Window table when I saw this collection today!

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David, that and the Radome light fixture are what every aviation nerds 🤓 house needs!!

Cost be damned.. LAUGH

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Excellent article. Who wouldn’t love a piece of sky in their home. Something I noticed, the website provided at the end of the article doesn’t seem to be right. Clicking on it takes to nowhere. On a quick google search I was able to find the right link (or I think it’s the right link).

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Unfortunately doesn't allow orders for delivery addresses outside of France!

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I want! I want now!!

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And then there's this...

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