Union: more Qantas strikes next month

By David Flynn, September 21 2011
Union: more Qantas strikes next month

IN BRIEF | Business travellers can expect more delays and cancellations to Qantas flights next month, with the warring engineers union promising "wider and longer stoppages" starting October 10.

"They will most likely cause widespread disruptions" said union official Steve Purvinas, who reportedly also told the SMH that Qantas customers should not buy a ticket from October 10.

The rolling four-hour strikes are expected to hit a  different domestic airport every second day and run for a number of weeks.

Yesterday saw Qantas cancel 28 domestic flights and scheduled delayed departures for almost as many again, in response to four-hour strikes held during the morning and afternoon peak periods.


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10 Mar 2011

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What a ridiculous attitude - "customers should not buy tickets from October 10". I have absolutely no sympathy for the unions. The more strikes they hold, the more money the company loses, the more unlikely they are going to get anything they want. Which part of this is difficult for them to understand? Time to grow up!

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