• Aussie100, the Max-10 is not just for business class. It's to hold more pax in general for peak runs, eg: SYD-MEL. Could also see it on PER-AKL etc... Time will tell soon what they want to do with their order. This could involve altering it completely for B787s for example.

  • Tracie, Figjam66, please remember the airline went broke and went into administration and has to start again. Credits or refunds haven't been determined yet.

  • Wrong aklrunway. The decision to remove Japan and LA flights came later from Bain's proposal. And the decision to not go ahead came from border restrictions regardless, as set by the government and travel demand. Be grateful you are getting what you're getting.

  • Yes it will be interesting what impact the bondholders have on this. But well said Dan22. Voluntary administration is a risky process for any business. It seems Virgin Australia are near the end of becoming a voluntary administration success story. Yes, the airline will be smaller etc... But what...

  • Piper, similar to the Australians that travel without travel insurance then expect a GoFundMe when things go wrong.

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