• Fantastic - for all that's said about the US carriers, they typically just get on with it.  Day by day, the Star Alliance options into AU increase...

  • Qantas to raise fares, cut flights

    May 30, 2022, 02:03 PM

    QF really needs to rethink its customer strategy. If VA plays its cards right I half expect it to become a Star Alliance member. Arguably QF's biggest competitive threat is SQ, a quality player here for redemptions and domestic earn will drive A LOT of premium flyers away from One World.

  • Hopefully this becomes standard on SYD-DXB flights, at least for a given flight number / departure time. With corporate policy being the first few initial flights each year "Y only", I'd happily pay myself to upgrade for the 14.5 hour leg.

  • Clever way by the listed airlines of pulling forward some cashflow as we exit the pandemic.Shades of an old offering, I think in the 80s / 90s, of lifetime biz / first for something like $100k at the time offered by some of the US carriers.Would make sense for some of the heavy sectors like SYD -...

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  • FWIW I put my urgent / priority application in with a suburban Sydney post office (not GPO / central post office which I understand is faster) on a Monday 2 months ago, I received it back at my home express post on the Thursday of that same week

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