• Just tell the truth about your intentions Virgin Australia, short,long  haul,because if you don't  you will lose your once loyal passenger base to your competitors.

  • The airline NEEDS to be open and transparent to the public on ALL it's  machinations, what they are really offering their clients. Also can the Head Shed advise of a future return to International Long Haul  if at all,your public asks, or has this gone the way of the DODO.   S...

  • More I looked into this I found sonething weird with this Alliance/Virgin compact. Alliance Airlines is part of the  QANTAS empire, as QANTAS is a major stockholder of Alliance , go figure

  • For whatever reason can V mk 2 honestly tell the public when do they anticipate going Intetnational Long Haul and be honest about, 2, 3 or 4 years .

  • Rod H, fully agree with your comment, and like you would like someone from the Head Shed to come and tell us all what is happening, as like you ,the longer VA dither around they will  lose any and all traction will their customer base, as the will move to QANTAS, I would like them to give a ...

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