• I will be visiting Hungary in July Lax-Fra (transit)-Bud and then Bud-Fra (transit)- Sin (transit)- Syd. I am fully vaccinated do I need a covid test for Fra? as I believe all other destinations do not require a test.

  • Hi Paul,A380 was originally meant to start on QF11 on 01/07/22, this was brought forward to end of March 2022  (from memory) I have now received confirmation from Qantas that the 01 July 2022 QF11 will change from A380 to 787-9

  • A380 Syd- Lax is now 787-9 from 01 July 2022 

  • Very concerned with the USA and its stance on Astra Zeneca, my understanding is that this drug presently is non approved hopefully they will add it to their approved list. Luckily tens of millions of UK travellers were given Astra Zeneca which will improve our position.Does anyone know if Astra Z...

  • I took the 1,000 points however it does finally accept the document which is located in My Files (Samsung) I tried on around 20 occasions to get it to be accepted and not have a oops something went wrong message.With my partners account it took around 60-70 attempts to accept the file.It appears ...

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