• How to redesign the boarding pass

    Jan 03, 2014, 10:04 AM

    Angus Says That's all the information you really need, I have never come accross a situation where I needed to know the date of my flight 1 hour before depature! Also, why does it show in massive letters what airport your at? It's unlikely that you do not know what airport your at and even if y...

  • Can some one explian to me why discount tourists get a nice new plane and the 'premium' mailine brand gets the old hand me down A330?  I am sure their must be a reason.

  • I should remind all of the universal truth of lounge entry requirements.  The ideal lounge entry level is the one that sees me just qualify and excludes the most other people.  This is the one that most will agree an but airlines simply can not implement!

  • I agree it makes little sense for QF to have a 1st loung when CX are doing a good job.  Sin is different - last time I flew through there there was a real shortage of 'credible' lounges.

  • Forgive my ignorance.  For HKG does this mean still two lounges but the plit is 1st/Plat/Business/Gold and seporate Qantas Club Or is this lounge going to overrun with Qantas Clubbers. One of my frustrations is how Lounge has become to mean the same as Pub and the last thing I want to do ...

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