• Apart from cost, one of the issues here in Oz has been the inconsistent service which affects Emirates reputation. In many cases an Emirates job would be offloaded between 1-3 booking agents, each taking a commission. Some Drivers were not paid enough for the time required to carry out a job, poo...

  • Seems to tell me that Lexus can’t build a boat

  • Etihad scraps chauffeur service

    Sep 22, 2017, 01:51 AM

    Having operated a Chauffeur service in Sydney for 22years, I've been surprised that it lasted so long here. Many of the bookings would cascade down from Etihad's primary contractor who did do a good job, to secondary booking services when it got busy. Once out of their hands, further margins wer...

  • The Ikea-inspired Airbus A380 cockpit

    Apr 26, 2015, 09:18 AM

    Dumbing it down for the Airlines to have some argument that Pilots have less "piloting" to do these days and more of a systems-control job.  You're right, it isn't a pretty plane but Form follows function, and it's about making it work within the confine of airport gate setups, airstrips an...

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